Troop 806 - Completing Eagle Scout Paperwork


When all requirements are complete do the following...


1.) Get a small loose-leaf notebook for your paperwork. This notebook should include:


2.) Completed Eagle Application - should be typed or printed very neatly. This should be the first page in your notebook. This may be printed two-sided or one-sided.


Be sure the dates for your merit badges are accurate and that you have the correct number on or before both the Star and Life Board of Review dates.


Sign and date on the back.


This form may be downloaded here:


3.) Complete your service project paperwork. Put all of this including supporting documents, photos, etc, into your notebook. This should include the initial approval forms.


The last page should be the project completion approvals. You and the organization for whom you did the project need to sign here.


This form may be downloaded here:

4.) Write a statement of your goals and ambitions. See the Eagle application, requirement #6. Include this in your notebook after your service project report.


5.) Turn your notebook in to the Scoutmaster




6.) Using the form provided by the Troop, request your references from each person listed on page 1 of the Eagle Application. Give each person a copy of the form and a self-addressed stamped envelope addressed to the Scoutmaster.


This form may be downloaded here:


7.) When your notebook is complete and all references have been received, you will be contacted about scheduling a Board of Review.